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Underground Party: Visitors Astounded by Bluebird’s Expanded Data Center

Cave exploring is usually reserved for adventurous travelers in exotic places, but on July 7 visitors in Springfield Missouri, went 85-feet beneath the surface ...

Examining the At Scale Data Center Trend with RagingWire Data Centers

In the third of our “8 Megatrends” series, we sat down with Doug Adams, President, RagingWire Data Centers, to examine “at scale” data centers and understand th...

Where is the Edge in Cloud Computing?

The headline above defines the question the cloud computing industry is in the process of working out right now, and the answer is not what you might think. Whe...

Software audits coming your way

Recent Gartner research shows an uptick in licensing compliance checks

How to prepare for a software audit

Flexera exec shares five best practices

Forrester looks to a "NoOps" future

Automation needs to be the prime organizational goal, report says

IT Counterpoint chat: APM done right

APM expert Mike Sydor shares best practices advice and more

BI is booming

Gartner analysis shows spending resurgence in the enterprise

Get to the cloud in four practical steps

New book guides enterprises on how best to build and operate private clouds

PC market in the doldrums

Blame in part goes to the rise of media tablets

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August 25th
Cisco Systems has started releasing security patches for a critical flaw in Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) firewalls targeted by an exploit linked to the...
August 25th
The Logitech Harmony Smart Control systems turns you smartphone or tablet into a one-touch universal remote. Now you can control your entire entertainment s...
August 25th
The Wireless Broadband Alliance's City WiFi Roaming project aims to provide public WiFi users in cities around the globe with the ability to roam between differ...