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We’re Bringing Applications Home to a New Hybrid Data Center Environment

About the author: With more than 27 years of broad IT, data center and telecommunication experience, Jeff specializes in technology startups, high growth and co...

What’s the Appeal of Cloud-based DCIM for Data Center Monitoring?

Data centers were established to meet the data processing, storage, networking and communications needs of the digital age. But it has been widely recognized th...

Inside the (changing) colocation customer mind

While the top-level forecast for colocation is rosy, a closer analysis points to significant disruption ahead. Demand patterns, cloud-native workloads, the Inte...

Has anybody seen my sensitive files?

Imperva survey shows IT security professionals often lack critical knowledge about critical data

Time for a Web protection rethink

Start-up Mykonos Software pitches ability to deliver real-time countermeasures for Web attacks

HP touts green data center research

Plans at-scale environmental, sustainability testing at new facility

Why you need to approach APM collaboratively

APM expert shares best practices advice on how to boost the technology's usefulness

When data centers are on shaky ground

SunGard data center specialist shares tips on quake-preparedness

Which way to the cloud?

In this IT Counterpoint debate, two experts share opposing views on how best to get started

IT outsourcing headed for change

Cloud services aren’t the only changes afoot, Forrester says

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September 21st
Google is buying its way back into the smartphone business, almost four years after selling its stake in Motorola Mobility to Lenovo.It's a sign that Google ...
September 21st
Java 9—formally, Java Platform Standard Edition version 9—is finally here, and its Java Development Kit (JDK) is available for developers to download.It has ...
September 21st
Whether you work in the C-suite or in a line role, if you don't want to be left behind, figure out how to evolve so you can help the company meet its digital bu...